Nos valeurs et méthodes de travail.



L’objectif de ce Playbook est de présenter nos valeurs et nos méthodes de travail. L’ensemble des équipes l’utilise en interne comme document de référence. Nous avons choisi de le rendre public afin que chaque candidat·e ait une meilleure idée des principes qui structurent notre travail au quotidien.

Ce document a été rédigé pour la première fois lors de la création de l’entreprise. Il sera complété et enrichi à mesure que l’entreprise grandit. Il a été rédigé en anglais comme le reste de notre documentation interne.


Every group is created around a set of values,
principles and common rules.
Here are a few of them.


Humans & Technology

Human beings are social animals who like to connect and share. We live in a world where technology is more and more present. Some people see this evolution as a dehumanization of the society. We see it as a historical opportunity to let human beings connect easily, break down the walls of old pyramidal structures, and bring more opportunities and social justice.

We value human discussions, intelligence, design, and more broadly all form of arts. We use technology as a tool, and not as an end in itself, to simplify life.

We are human beings doing work for other humans. We like to help and delight people. We care.


It’s all about the Team

We work with people who enjoy to work in teams and believe that a team can be bigger than the sum of its parts. We value people who cast the light on the team rather than on themselves. We like honesty and altruism.

We work as a team, and when we have to choose between the team and an individual, we always choose the team.

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Trust & Transparency

Trust is the basis of any relationship. Strong trust links can’t happen from one day to another, it needs to be built over time, but we do our best to nurture the process and make it easy. We tend to trust people easily and expect trust to grow naturally and quickly between people.

We make no compromise on trust though. Break the trust once and don’t be surprised to start from scratch. So, keep your promises. Commit. Help others. Be there. Give your best.

Transparency comes together with trust. The team members make all internal activities completely accessible to the entire team: meeting reports, discussions, roadmaps, releases, etc. Nobody should encounter any friction in accessing information. We trust everybody to make the best usage of the information at their disposal.



We try to have the highest ethics, be always honest and open-minded. We always seek excellence and try to produce the best work possible given the constraints we have. We are diligent and pay attention to details.

High expectations work both way. The company and the team have high expectations about any team member, but team members should also have high expectations about the company itself and how it behaves both internally and externally.



Being comfortable with complexity

There is no such thing as a “simple job”. Being excellent in any job is complex.

If you want to do things well and get to a high level of expertise, get to the top of your game, seek excellence, you need to master every detail of it. You need to understand completely all the different aspects of the problem. The path is hard and takes time.

It is important then to be humble and comfortable with the complexity in front of us, even for things that looks easy, and never try to underestimate or oversimplify, but try to understand all the subtleties of it. It is easy to consider that something should be easy to do, much harder to do it well.



We believe it is always quicker to take the time to think well to a problem before solving it. We understand the extraordinary value of focusing on something during uninterrupted period of time.


Be happy

This is the most important, of course. Do what you love to do. We will succeed because we are happy, not the contrary.